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How to Play Netflix Videos on VLC Media Player

VLC is a free and open-source portable cross-platform media player. Aside from zero cost, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s compatible with your system or not, and it’s able to play most multimedia files that you have. However, you are unable to play Netflix video on VLC Media Player. Why is that? Netflix videos are encoded and they can only be viewed with Netflix app.

Thus, to play Netflix videos on VLC, the first thing that we need to do is to download Netflix videos as common files – in MP4 format, for example. Netflix Video Downloader is the best solution. It’s specially designed for Netflix fans to download movies, TV shows or any other videos from Netflix to local drive, apart from which, the most amazing feature for it lies in that it’s able to download videos in HD quality with multi-language audio tracks and subtitles preserved.

Play Netflix videos on VLC Media Player

In this article, you'll learn how to download Netflix videos as MP4 files with Netflix Video Downloader step by step so that you can enjoy them on VLC Media Player at ease.

Tutorial: How to Play Netflix Videos on VLC Media Player

Before we get started, please have the Netflix Video Downloader installed on your PC.

Step 1Set Output Video Quality

Click "Menu" on the upper right corner and select "Settings" in the drop-down list. Here you can select the output video quality as High, Medium or Low, and you can also customize the output path to where you want your videos to be saved.

output settings

Step 2Search Netflix Content

Enter the keyword of the video that you would like to play on VLC or just copy the link from Netflix webpage and paste it in the search box and then click the "Search" icon, Netflix Video Downloader will list all the related videos.

Note: For the first time using this tool, you'll be asked to log in your Netflix account before searching the videos.

Step 3Download Movies from Netflix as MP4 Format

Find the targeted video and then simply click the "Download" icon at the end of the title to start exporting it to your local drive. If the videos you are looking for have multiple seasons, you can select the specific season or episode to download.

download netflix movies

Step 4Check Downloaded Videos in Your Local Drive

Once all the videos are completely downloaded, go to "Library" section on the top and you'll see all of Netflix videos that are successfully downloaded in mp4 format . Click the "Folder" icon at the end of each title and you'll be directed to the output folder where your videos are located.

check history

Since you've got your targeted Netflix videos as MP4 files on your local drive, you can play them on VLC Media Player right now! Run VLC Media Player on your computer and click "Open File" or "Open Folder" to add the downloaded Netflix video for playing.

If you'd like to play Spotify or Apple Music with VLC Media Player, please refer to Play Spotify Songs with VLC Media Player or Play Apple Music with VLC Media Player for more details.

Note: The free trial version enables you to convert the first 5 minutes of each video for sample testing. If it works for you, you can purchase a license to unlock the full version.

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