FAQs of Spotify Music Converter Free for Windows


1. What are the differences between Sidify Music Converter Free and Pro?

The main difference is that Sidify Music Converter Pro enables you to download music from Spotify with the best output audio quality and keep all important ID3 tags. To learn more different features available in Sidify Music Converter Free and Pro, please go to Free vs. Pro.

2. Is Sidify Music Converter Free currently available to all users?

Sidify Music Converter Free is currently available to all Windows users who own a Windows computer with access to network or WIFI.

3. Will I be charged for Sidify Music Converter Free?

This program is totally free for everyone, but you can get more powerful features to upgrade to the paid version.

4. What kind of music does Sidify support converting? What output formats are available?

Sidify Music Converter Free is designed for converting Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC format.

5. How to submit feedback through Sidify program?

You can submit feedback through Sidify by going to the program, click "Menu" on the upper right corner and choose "Feedback" in the drop-down list.

Submit Feedback to Sidify developers

6. Solutions to Error 1001 and Error 1002

[1] Error Code 1001:

Cause: Couldn't find the sources of the songs on YouTube.

Solution: Some music files may not be converted successfully. We suggest you convert those music by using the Pro version of Sidify Music Converter.

[2] Error Code 1002 :

Cause: Network timeouts during searching and downloading.

Solution: Please take more tries to re-add the music and re-convert.

Note: If the solutions above cannot fix the problems, please send us the following information to [email protected] via e-mail. We will submit your feedback to our developers and inform you once the solution is available.

  • Which Windows OS are you using? Windows 7, 8 or 10? 32 bits or 64 bits?
  • What's the output format you choose?
  • Please send us the log file of Sidify. You can find them by going to Sidify, Menu > Open Log File. It is named log.txt.