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The Best R&B Music of All Time

R&B , the full name is Rhythm and Blues, which belongs to the genre of popular African-American music that originated in the 1940s.The R&M bands usually consists of piano, one or two guitars, bass, drums, saxophone, background vocalists. And R &B music stands for the pursuing for joy and freedom in a certain extent and keeps popular and lasting from the shifts. Today we will look back the best R&B music of all time from 90s which will evoke your memories.

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The Best R&B Music from the 1980s


1. Kiss

Artist: Prince

Released: February 5, 1986

Album: The Revolution

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Kiss ♫

Remember The Time

2. Remember The Time

Artist: Michael Jackson

Released: January 14, 1992

Album: Dangerous

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Remember The Time ♫

I have Nothing

3. I Have Nothing

Artist: Whitney Houston

Released: Februar, 20 1992

Album: Whitney The Greatest Hits

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ I Have Nothing ♫


4. Waterfalls

Artist: TLC

Released: August 5, 1995

Album: CrazySexyCool

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Waterfalls ♫

No Diggity

5. No Diggity

Artist: Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen

Released: 1996

Album: Anothet Level

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ No Diggity ♫

You Make Me Wanna...

6. You Make Me Wanna...

Artist: Usher

Released: August 12, 1997

Album: My Way

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ You Make Me Wanna... ♫

We Belong Together

7. We Belong Together

Artist: Mariah Carey

Released: March 29, 2005

Album: The Emancipation of Mimi

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ You Make Me Wanna... ♫

Single Ladies

8. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Artist: Beyoncé

Released: October 13, 2008

Album: I Am...Sasha Fierce

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Single Ladies ♫

What's My Name

9. What's My Name?

Artist: Rihanna ft. Drake

Released: October 26, 2010

Album: Loud

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Single Ladies ♫


10. Climax

Artist: Usher

Released: February 22, 2012

Album: Looking 4 Myself

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Climax ♫


11. Diamonds

Artist: Rihanna

Released: September 26, 2012

Album: Unapologetic

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Diamonds ♫

Can't Feel My Face

12. Can't Feel My Face

Artist: The Weeknd

Released: June 5, 2015

Album: Beauty Behind the Madness

Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Can't Feel My Face ♫

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