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What is AudioFun? Why Do I Get Charged for AudioFun?

If you have been charged for AudioFun 1M or AudioFun 12M, it is likely because you subscribed to Sidify, a reputable software developer specializing in music converters.

When you make a purchase from Sidify, you benefit from the convenience of automatic renewal. After your monthly or yearly subscription plan is renewed, you will receive a receipt displaying the name AudioFun 1M or AudioFun 12M.

who charged for audiofun

At the same time, you will be receiving a separate email that includes a new license for the auto-renewal process. Remember to update the license info within the program to ensure its seamless functionality and uninterrupted operation.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription or receipt, feel free to reach out to Sidify's customer support at [email protected] for clarification and assistance.