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Overall it looks like a great product and I hope that in the next 1-2 months it will be as good as it is now. I used TuneMobi for a while, but at the moment this program makes a mess of the audio files, cutting off or adding some snips of the previous track to the next. It worked quit a while but now it is totally broken. Before selecting Sidify I went to the process of testing a number of others. They all seem to be build around 2 different cores with a customized layer of graphics over those cores. All that looked like TuneMobie had the same problem.

Reviewed by Rob van Hoeven | 2018-10-15

Just writing to say how impressed I am that this software actually does what it purports to do.

Reviewed by DJG | 2018-10-08

I recently bought Sidify Apple Music converter. It works great on my computer, fast and really easy to use. I can download and play all my favorite iTunes music freely. Fast technical assistance and keep up the great work!

Reviewed by Abigail Temple | 2018-08-28

I’m really enjoying Ver. 3.0.0, I find it a pleasure to use.

Reviewed by Phil Burkholder | 2018-06-12

I’m now testing Version 3.0.0 and finding that I really like the new interface. As well as the new process, not having to wait for iTunes.

Reviewed by Phil | 2018-05-28

I tried Sidify Apple Music Converter and I was impressed by the speed and quality of the conversion of the themes I tried.

Reviewed by Jose Juan Fernández de Mera | 2018-02-24

I'd like to start out by saying I LOVE your products. They work so much better than your competitions products.

Reviewed by Deckard Cain | 2018-01-11

I purchased Sidify Apple Music Converter some weeks ago. It was running very reliable and converts music from the Apple Music Store from M4P to MP3 very fast.

Reviewed by Fred Wichmann | 2017-12-21

I was happy to find the software, which enables to listen to myclassical iMusic files on my Sony Walkman mp3 player.

Reviewed by Heltai Andras | 2017-11-05

Awesome, this is a great program, simple, intuitive, I really recommend it.

Reviewed by Lina Marcela | 2017-08-27

Thanks to the Sidify team for your display of hard work and dedication in regards to customer satisfaction, product reliability, honor and integrity.

Reviewed by Miguel | 2017-05-25

I have been using Sidify for quite a while now and it has always performed wonderfully.

Reviewed by Wade West | 2017-04-30

I feel like it's just much easier to rip it with a program like sidify, since you can download albums at a time and have it all in a centered easy spot like itunes, if not I'm open to suggestions. I'm currently thinking sidify apple music converter after doing some pretty intense research, if anyone has any oppositions to this I'd love to hear. Probably be pulling the trigger here in the next few days. Just feel its the easiest way.

Reviewed by JonasZelly | 2017-02-15

Sidify Apple Music Converter features a modern-looking, intuitive interface that, from a visual standpoint, is quite impressive. The application is also very easy to use, so much so that even complete novices should be able to convert their music in no time at all.

Reviewed by Catalin Chelari, editor of Softpedia | 2017-01-24

Sidify Spotify and Sidify Apple Music does a great job re-recording the DRM protected files with speed and very good quality. Some say it can introduce gaps but I am using this for several weeks and it always creates good AAC files without glitches.
For now, it is the best way to 'remove' the DRM protection and enables you to put your music on an iPod - or similar - which does not play streaming services.

Reviewed by Haliomaster on Giveaway of the Day | 2016-05-25

Installed iTunes and Sidify Apple Music Converter 2.0.1 works fast and well. A keeper for me. Basically Sidify Apple Music Converter 2.0.1 seems to run and record iTunes very fast and silently. If you close iTunes while Sidify Apple Music Converter 2.0.1 is converting then Sidify Apple Music Converter 2.0.1 fails to convert.

Reviewed by David Murphy | 2016-04-02

Very handy tool. I managed to convert 153 songs from Apple Music. sidify perfectly finished its job even better than I expected.

Reviewed by Christina Logan | 2016-04-01

First of all, thank you so very much for your product! It seems quite a very valuable tool! Thanks again for the awesome software you produced!

Reviewed by Luis Vega | 2016-01-20

I've just downloaded the trial version of your software and I am very excited with the possibility of burning Apple Music into CD for playing on my Car player.

Reviewed by Caldas Campos | 2016-01-16