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Spotify Lite vs. Spotify: Difference between Spotify and Spotify Lite

hanna ellis By Hanna Ellis
Updated on: April 23, 2024
Category: Spotify Music Tips

Q: "What are your thoughts about Spotify Lite and will you intend to use this Lite version instead of the main app?"

A1: "Spotify Lite is superbly faster than Spotify, though podcasts apparently aren't there."

A2: "I have no problem with my Spotify being slow, but I just tried the Lite and damn am I liking the UI more. Simpler. And it doesn't stop the music when I clear background apps."

A3: "I completely understand if your phone doesn't have a lot of storage or cache memory capacity that you want to use a lite app."

After Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube, Uber released the tiny version of their main apps, Spotify also joined and offered a “Lite” version of its main app. Why they offer the lite version? The reason is to offer a lightweight app that targets low-end mobile phone with slow internet connections or less space in memory. What is Spotify Lite? What is the difference between Spotify Lite and Spotify? And Should I choose Spotify Lite or keep Spotify main app? In this article, we are going to check the main features of Spotify Lite and make a comparison between Spotify Lite and Spotify, so that you have a basic knowledge of Spotify Lite and decide to use it or not.

spotify lite vs. spotify

What is Spotify Lite?

Spotify Lite, now only a Beta version, is a simplified version of the Spotify app. It has a similar UI as main app, but also has some differences. It uses less storage, data, and battery to optimize performance, making it ideal for older devices and operating systems. Spotify Lite works much like Spotify main app: you can search for and play your favorite songs and artists, save them, share with others, discover new music, enjoy playlists, and more. But now it is only available on Android devices. In short, Spotify Lite is a 15MB app that's missing a lot of major functionality.

The Main Difference between Spotify and Spotify Lite

In the following part, we will mainly talk about the main differences between Spotify Lite and Spotify main app.

Main Interface

Spotify Lite and Spotify main app look pretty similar to the main interface. But the main difference is the navigation bar at the bottom: Spotify Lite shows the Home, Search, and Favorites buttons, while the regular Spotify shows Home, Browse, Search, Radio, and Your Library.

spotify lite vs. spotify: main interface


The Setting menu for Spotify Lite is also pretty simple, no any granular control like volume level and music quality. In Spotify Lite you are only allowed to check how much mobile data the app used and the space occupied by the application, and you can also set a monthly data use limit include 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB.

In the regular app of Spotify, you are allowed to do any granular control including offline mode, connect, social features, filters, volume levels, music quality, and more.

spotify lite vs. spotify: setting

Connect to Devices

Spotify Lite does not have Spotify Connect, a feature that uses Wi-Fi to let you stream music to other devices, including smart speakers like Echo, Chromecast.

spotify lite vs. spotify: connect

Offline Mode and Select Specific Songs to Play

If you upgrade to Spotify Premium, you are allowed to download any song for offline listening, but in the Lite version, there is no Offline Mode, though you are Premium users. What’s more, specific songs cannot be selected to play even for premium subscribers, so all music has to be played via shuffle. And there's also no extreme quality playback.

spotify lite vs. spotify: offline mode

Because the app is in beta version right now, and the list of missing features may change when it gets a full worldwide release. And an option for iPhone might be available in the near future.

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