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How to Block Ads on YouTube Music without Premium

Are you annoyed with all the ads interrupting your music streaming on YouTube Music? YouTube Music provides Free tiers to people who stream music without paying a penny. However, many listeners complain about the annoyance of ads that play in-between songs.

In this article, we share 3 ways to block ads on YouTube music. Generally, a Premium membership will help remove ads from YouTube Music. We also explore 2 prevalent ways to block ads on YouTube music without Premium - by YouTube Music Converter and by ad blocker. So, let's now take a deep dive into why using these tools and how they will change your way to listen to YouTube Music!

block ads from youtube music for free

With YouTube Music Converter, you can get ad-free download YouTube Music as independent MP3 files and transfer YouTube Music from your PC to your USB drive with ease.

Part 1: Block Ads on YouTube Music Mobile App (Being Premium)

For those current Free users looking to remove ads on their YouTube music mobile app, becoming a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium member is the answer. The paid subscription-based service ensures all disturbances are taken away. Premium users are promised an uninterrupted listening experience.

Although this is an attractive proposition to get rid of YouTube Music ads, it can be costly in the long run. Especially if you don't use YouTube Music streaming service often enough, then this is not a wise financial decision to remove ads on YouTube Music by being a Premium user.

Part 2: Best Way to Remove Ads from YouTube Music without Premium

YouTube Music Converter is a great way for YouTube music enthusiasts to flawlessly download their favorite tracks with original quality kept. This tool wiped out YouTube Music ads, in which it is capable of downloading songs from YouTube Music with a Free account. Put simpler, individuals with YouTube Music Free tiers can download songs, playlists, and albums from the YouTube Music library and listen offline without ads interrupting.

The top feature of YouTube Music Converter is that users can convert YouTube Music to multiple audio formats, including MP3, AAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, and FLAC. This makes it possible to play YouTube music on DJ software or game systems that normally wouldn't support YouTube Music. With this conversion capability at hand, you now have an easy way to get rid of ads on YouTube Music for free! Besides, all YouTube Music downloads are locally backed up onto the computer, keeping YouTube Music forever playable!

Steps to Remove Ads from YouTube Music without Premium

With YouTube Music Converter, non-paying YouTube Music subscribers can now do the Premium-only things like downloading YouTube Music for offline playback as well as removing any pesky ads embedded in the music. It takes only 4 steps to complete ad-free YouTube Music downloading while you don't need to install the YouTube Music app at all!

Step 1Open KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter

Open KeepMusic YouTube Music Converter, click SIGN IN to log in with your YouTube Music account.

open youtube music library

Step 2Choose YouTube Music Output Format

Before adding songs to conversion panel, click the "Settings" button and select MP3 as the output format. You can also select the bit rate (128kbps/192kbps/256kbps/320kbps), sample rate (44.1kHz/48kHz), and file name (Title/Artist/Album/Playlist Index/Year).

download youtube music to mp3

Step 3 Add YouTube Music to Conversion Panel

Open a playlist, album, or artist and select the songs you want to download by clicking the "Add" button. After making your selection, click the "Convert" button.

add youtube music to convert converting youtube music

Step 4Check Ad-Free YouTube Music on the Computer

After the conversion is completed, you can click the "Converted" tab to find the YouTube music from the local drive.

mp3 download youtube music to computer

With of YouTube Music Converter, you can download ad-free songs from YouTube Music without Premium. Besides, you can transfer the downloaded YouTube Music to another account, other streaming platforms or external hard drives without limitations!

Part 3: Block Ads on YouTube Music Web Player with Free Chrome Extension

Additionally, users have the option of installing third-party extensions, uBlock Origin which prevents annoying ads and banners from Youtube Music Web Player, allowing people to play YouTube Music without ads and with fewer limitations than the free account.

Step 1 Click uBlock Originto install the extension onto your Chrome.

Step 2Choose “Addto Chrome" button.

Step 3 You will receive a prompt asking you if you want to install the add-on/extension. Click to confirm the installation.

Step 4 uBlock is now installed and working in your web browser. If you find that it is inhibiting the function of a website, you can click the uBlock shield icon in the upper right corner of your browser window, then click the power button icon to turn it off temporarily.

Conclusion: Being a Premium or ad-blocking extension keeps you away from ads when streaming music on the YouTube Music app and web player. YouTube Music Converter brings you the best way to remove the ads from YouTube Music and keep YouTube Music downloads forever playable without Premium.

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